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Florecer is a fast-growing organization in agro-food vertical. Aiming to be a major player in the industry, we focus on the development of advanced, multiplexed technologies, to ensure optimum food quality and safety. Our business values are aligned with strong work ethics and customer-oriented behavior. Being more than just a diagnostic manufacturer, we consider consumer safety our first and foremost responsibility. Our products are simple, reliable, rapid, and easy to use.

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Food being the necessity for our living needs to be contaminant-free and qualitative. To make sure that the final consumables contain no residues, it is imperative that food testing is done more carefully and with the most accurate results. Florecer works towards innovation in quality testing to bring customized, cutting-edge solutions in the market. Our high-end approach to develop these food diagnostic kits involves collaboration with renowned laboratories and industry experts. The collated knowledge from multiple research projects is put in our final products. With the unique and advanced methodology used in designing our products, we aim to add reliability and credibility to the goods you are supplied with.

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Many countries have already established standards for regulating food safety in order to avoid risks and commit safety. Florecer’s contamination detection products are tested and validated to the allowed residue limits. We strive to deliver the best for our consumer safety and thereby meet the regulatory compliances. With the vision to revolutionize the food testing industry, we are keen on incorporating new technologies and methods to our existing capabilities.

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