AntiFlos is an easy and reliable testing solution for detection of antibiotics in milk. The kit can be used for routine monitoring of antibiotic residue in raw milk, pasteurized milk, and dried milk. (*Blue color on the rapid paper strip indicates the absence of antibiotic residue and no color developed indicates the presence of antibiotic residue in milk) An inexpensive and accurate analytical tool for dairy farms, milk collection center, dairy reception dock, and R&D institutions, AntiFlos is rapid, robust, and reproducible. The testing kits guarantee stability up to 7 months under refrigeration. The testing results help decide the dose and antibiotic selection for patients.

  • — Advanced, Robust and easy to use
  • — Can be applied directly under field condition
  • — Detects more than 51 antibiotics in Milk during production and processing
  • — Screens more than 16 antibiotic groups- broad spectrum
  • — No extraction required
  • — Codex/ EU recommended MRL
  • — Validated with AOAC approved technology
  • — No interference in presence of detergent, sanitizer, Preservatives, Aflatoxin M1, Pesticide residue & Heavy metals